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    Human Anatomy interactive dashboard

    Bartosz Dabek

      So I want to create a medical case report in a dashboard manner. Simplified human body with pathologic organs would be visualized and would like to make those organs interactive so people can look up the parameters( the best case scenario is pathologic organs are highlited interactive whenever you hover over them and coloured;  non pathologic organs are simply grey and non interactive). However, I do not know how to get about it. I have images of whole body outline in .png  and .eps along with whole human body with organs and organs images separately.  I understand that you can not place all organs in the image as it will not be legible. So I have some scenarios of images prepared. 

      I have seen this Tableau 201: How to Make Small Multiple Stadium MapsEvolytics | Data Analytics A full service analytics agency but I my case is a little bit different

      Organs and body shape is not polygon but rather nice oval type symbol/image - attached below. 

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          Chris McClellan

          It should be pretty simple to do as a background image ( I think it's still done as part of the Desktop II course). You're right, polygons are straight lines only, but a lot of little straight lines can look like a curve.


          I think it would be quite simple to do, but I'm mobile at the moment so I'm not going to download a 5MB file just to have a look