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    How to fix a customer group to view all transactions

    Harold Lee

      Hi all,


      i am a newbies To Tableau. I would like to understand repeated purchase behaviours of customers who purchased during markdown period as first time in 2016 in Korea. So to do this I try to create a filter / set which is something like below:


      IF [Store Country] = "South Korea"

      AND [Fin Year] = "2016"

      AND CONTAINS("09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16",[Fin Week])=TRUE

      AND [Markdown Flag  filter]=1

      and [New Existing] = "New"

      AND { FIXED [Parent Customer No]:SUM([Actualsalesamt Central Constant])}>1

      THEN [Parent Customer Id]




      lets call them New Korean customers from 2016 markdown.


      Then i tried to look at ALL (both markdown or non-markdown) purchased items in 2016 and 2017 of these new customers. Yet what I managed to get is only who they purchased during the markdown 2016 period in Korea, but not what they purchased during and after that.


      Anything wrong?






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          Nigel Fung

          Hi Harold, hope you have solved the issue.


          Here is my thought, using sample data




          Requirement Objective:

          Find out customers only in 2016 markdown period, vs rest period customers (2016 + 2017 + 2018, etc)



          Create a true/false calculated field.

               If True then '2016 markdown customer' (I use superstore data so the logic I keep simple, say purchased in 2016 and Feb - see the screen capture calculated field)

               If False then 'non-2016 markdown customer' 



          From below means 'Allen Armold' has purchased during 2016 markdown (you could use the True/False to narrow down the result)

          Sample Viz - 2016 markdwon vs rest.JPG


          Much hope if I did not mess up your questions. Cheers.