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    Spanning a table across two columns?

    Jon Kraynak



      I am hoping to take a heat map table I created and span it across two columns so that it's not one large column with a scroll bar. See the attached image below as an example. Is this possible? If so, how is this done? Thanks in advance!

      Table in Columns.jpg

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          Marc-Anthony Di Biase

          Hi Jon,


          This can be achieved by using a dashboard that contains two separate sheets that would be effectively splitting your data. On the first sheet, you would filter by name, and include the company names from Alliance to Cone while the second sheet would have a filter from Crestwood to Enterprise. Placing these sheets on a dashboard, side by side, would then create your required view.


          Let me know if this helps!

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            Ben Neville

            Yes, this is probably possible, but under 2 conditions:

            1. It will need to be done across 2 sheets
            2. You need to know that the possible Names aren't going to exceed a number which are going to cause sheets so large that you end up with two scrollbars, as that's even worse than before in my opinion


            The calculation I used was INDEX() <= SIZE()

            INDEX() is simply a positional (in this case - row) counter, and SIZE() is the total number of rows displayed. This means I keep at least the first half of objects (depending on even or odd number in 1 sheet) if I take this calculation and drag it to Filters and keep True values. For the second sheet, just right-click and duplicate your first, and you could either keep False values as I have done, or switch <= to >


            See the attached workbook. I have 3 sheets - the first is an example of what the calculation returns for each sheet, the second is the left column with the filter implemented, and the third is the right column with the filter condition reversed. The dashboard is just the 2 side by side. Notice how you have a slight issue of column mismatch as the Sub-Categories come out to an odd number. You have to decide what looks best from your side on this - whether you want to fit the height of these sheet or leave them with the standard height so that the rows are the same height - it's a bit of a matter of preference and dependent on your data.

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              Jon Kraynak

              Thank you both for the help! Very informative. Much appreciated.