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    Reverse Proxy setup

    Vishal Kumar



      We are trying to deploy a Apache Reverse Proxy server to make our Tableau application available over the internet. We can access the site over the internet, successfully but we are not able to mask the internal URL. We followed Reverse Proxy Server URL Reverts to Internal URL | Tableau Software but still unable to do so. May be we dont know the correct syntax for using the following headers:







      If you have devised any setup like this, can you advice the solution?


      Internal Tableau URL - https://tableau.internal.com

      External Tableau URL - https://tableau.external.com


      Thanks in advance.

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          Jeff Strauss

          why do you want to mask the internal URL?  Is the internal one pointed at your load balancer?  I don't think there will be any 100% sure way to hide the URL, it can be captured by a debugging tool quite easily such as Fiddler.  If you are trying to only make sure proper traffic comes in, then you can use trusted authentication with whitelisting of the callers.  And you can install rules within your load balancer in order to match on specific URI patterns.