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    Sparkline graph doesn't show at NULL values

    Humberto Higuera

      I've been trying to create a sparkline that shows the missing months at zero, instead of connecting the line from, say Sept to Dec 2016 (as shown below). I know I should format the Special Values so that it shows at "Default Value", whoever for some reason it doesn't seem to work. I guess this must be a simple thing but I haven't been able to figure it out.


      2017-08-07 12_36_17-Tableau - Sparklines.png


      I could use the area graph which seems to do what I'm looking for:


      2017-08-07 12_37_25-Tableau - Sparklines.png


      but I need to use the Line graph for several other reasons.


      What bothers me the most is that I managed to do it once. I have it done in a saved worksheet, but I can not replicate it anymore!!!. Even using the same data source and same fields I can not do it again It's driving me crazy!.


      Anyone idea is appreciated.