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    How to follow the number of students that have acquired 55 credits?

    Vesa Taatila

      A very newbie question, I'm sure, but being one...


      In Finland the HEIs get a fair share of their state funding based on the number of students that have gained 55 or more credits between September 1st and August 31st, i.e. in a "study year". Thus I would like to follow the number of the students who have passed this threshold on a weekly basis. I would also like to compare the accumulation of the number to the results of the previous years in order to estimate how we will be doing by the end of August.


      I'm working with a file in which each course credit of each student has its own record, i.e. each record has the following structure:

      Student_ID, Course_ID, Credits, Approval_Date. Thus each student has a separate record for each passed course.


      Any suggestions on how to build an easily read view for this purpose?


      Thanks already in advance.