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    Reminder about Presentation Ideas for Next Meeting

    Stephanie Diekmann

      It's reminder time!


      We are still gathering presentation ideas for our next Southwest Indiana Tableau Users Group meeting!  Everyone is encouraged to submit ideas!  We don't care about your expertise level or how long you've worked with Tableau or your presentation skills. We just want to build a community in which everyone is willing to network and share ideas with one another! If you have an idea, but you're not sure if it would be beneficial to others, reach out to us. We'll help you develop any unformulated concepts.


      Please submit your ideas by Monday, August 7th.  We are looking for four presentations (2 user stories and 2 technical presentations), each 10-15 minutes long.


      We'll be in touch with everyone who pitches an idea shortly afterwards. If your topic isn't chosen for this meeting, we may put you on the agenda for another upcoming meeting.


      And, be on the lookout for the meeting announcement! That will be coming out shortly as well!


      Thanks to all and keep on vizzing!