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    Tableau mobile returning blank screen

    Helberth Soares

      Greeting All,


      I am facing a hard issue with my customer. They are heavily using Tableau Mobile (by the way the compeling event for them to buy Tableau, was the usability of Tableau Mobile) but now, some users (with different smart phone brands - also Android and iOS) are facing the blank screen issue.

      To give more details, this customer doesnt use AD and all the permission control was set up in the Tableau Server. When an user logs for the first time, he can see everything correctly, but if he logs off and return, appears a blank screen in his smartphone. It seems to me that there is a cache issue, but is not the best solution everytime this happens someone needs to clean up the cache. Another symptom that we verified is that the issue is related to the Tableau mobile app. I am saying that because if the customer user types the Tableau Server URL using the mobile browser, the issue doesnt appear.


      Does anyone have any idea or have tried an issue like that? This is driving me crazy so that it was a big sales deal - 50 users on the server.


      My best - Helberth (Brazil)