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    To understand better how Server works

    Alejandro Sanchez

      Hello Community,


      I am starting to use Tableau Server and I have faced with a problem when I wanted to try the Data Driven Alerts. In order to test them, I created a workbook using data from cocacola stock prices that I have in one CSV file. My idea was to create an Alert based on that values. I started publishing the workbook to the Server with the option 'embedded in the workbook' for the datasource (cocacola.csv) and using a Live connection.


      My problem is that, after modifying the CSV, I have no way refresh the data in the server to account for that modification. For example the value for one month was X, then I change in to Y but from Server I always get X, no matter I click on the Refresh button in the toolbar or I refresh the page.


      In Desktop I don't have this problem, when I modify the data, I click on refresh data and that is enough to get my data up to date in the view. I also changed the cache in the Server Configuration to the 'Refresh more Often" option. The CSV file is located in the Desktop folder of my server machine


      Do you have any suggestion?


      Thank you,



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          Hi Alejandro Sanchez,


          One suggestion:

          • First, right click data source, under Tableau data server choose Refresh from Source
          • Second, when the refresh is done, right click and Add to Saved Data Sources.

          Let me know if it solved your issue



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            Toby Erkson

            If the data is embedded in the workbook then there is no Live connection.  If you wish to use the Excel/CSV file as a Live data source then when you publish you will:

            1. deselect the checkbox "Include external files"
            2. click the "Yes" button


            1. You will need to place that data source file in a location that the Tableau Server can access, like a network folder. 
            2. The folder must allow Read access for the Tableau Server's "Run As User" account.
            3. When you open the file in order to connect to it and thus use it as your data source you MUST use UNC (Uniform/Universal Naming Convention) file paths, NOT MAPPED DRIVES!

            Example of a UNC file path:


            This will then allow you to publish the workbook and use your CSV file as you want, as a Live connection.  I don't have experience with CSV data sources but I know for Excel data sources in our corporate environment there can be up to a minute delay of when you update/save the Excel workbook and when clicking Refresh on the report [on Tableau Server] the data actually shows up.  YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary)

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