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    Show All in parameter not working

    Melanie schmees

      I currently have GP % on my columns and Revenue in my rows (both sums, both measures). I have created a scatter plot to show each current job and ranked them based on revenue amount and GP % amount(2 separate ranks).

      I then created two parameters for Revenue and GP to filter; Top 5, Top/ Bottom 10%, Top/Bottom 5 and Show all. I used a CASE statement so I could connect(?) all the 4 parameters into one calc so I could throw it on the filters shelf.

      My Revenue filter is working fine in all its fields, but my GP "Show all" is the only one not working. 


      IF [Outlier Control Gross Profit ]="Show All"

          THEN "Include"




      CASE [Outlier Control Gross Profit ] WHEN "Top/Bottom 10%"

          THEN [Top Bottom % GP]

          WHEN "Top/Bottom 5" THEN [Top/Bottom 5 GP]

          WHEN "Top 5" THEN [Link to GP Top 5]

          WHEN "Show All" THEN [Show all for GP]




      This worked just fine for my revenue.

      I see that  "Show all" is the only parameter that wants to filter Table(Across) while the others want to filter along job. How can I fix this? I have tried going to "edit table calculations" and changing the dimension that it is computing across but this

      does not help me any. Seems like a simple fix but I cant seem to get it.

      Any ideas?