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    Extract policy in your org


      Hi All


      In our Prod env there are several workbooks developed by various different business's.


      they are mostly using Aster Datasource -  with a Live connection.


      I am considering them to change it to Extract instead of live connect


      the Aster DB refreshes with new data 3 times in a day -  The extract size would be 1-2 gigs if I run it.


      Do you think I should extract and publish the data source, so other users building reports can also use the same extract to build new dashboards?

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          Toby Erkson

          This is a question only you can really answer as policies differ between companies.  The extract size isn't a big deal, it's the number of concurrent users and cores/RAM your Server has to handle the load.  I think using an extract is a good idea if it returns data faster to your workbooks.


          The good thing about an extract is that the data will be consistent -- one version of the truth.