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    Select multiple on a parameter?

    Daniel Bailey

      Honestly I'm not sure if the method I'm using is the best way of doing this, but I'll explain what I cooked up.


      I'm dealing with payload on full truckloads.  People want to narrow it down to only see trucks with 'their' product on it.   Their product is defined as a category -- there's about 30 of them, and trucks can be any blend of 1 to maybe 10 types.  I don't want to make 30 yes/no filters obviously and so far the requests coming in are likely just 'I want this one group'.


      I put together a process that looks at all the materials on the truck and builds a string for each truck that says for example:   '14ABDEG',  Each letter/number is a product type.


      I made a nice parameter that accurately explains what each category is: Value: A  Display as: 'A Type Shipments'

      I made a calculated field that is remarkably short:   Contains( [FieldName] , [Parameter] )

      Therefore people can select 'A Type Shipments' and the board filters to any where the string includes the value 'A'


      People were happy!  Then a new request came in -- I need A, B or D shipments but nothing else.  This filter can't handle that because I can't select multiple.. not sure what to do I just went to SQL and made a new field, they got their own filter


      Two new requests come in, they want everything *except* a certain group (or two)... so I'm wondering if there's a better way to do this now.


      Any thoughts?  I'm on Tableau 9.2.4, I'll be upgrading to 10 within a week or two (going through corporate testing now)




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          Stuart Fieldhouse

          Hi Dan,


          Unfortunately, I think because all of the product info is in one row, you will never be able to satisfy all of the various requests.  If possible, I would look to reshape the data so that a row contained one truck id and one product type id (plus whatever other data is required). This will allow your users to look at the data in any combination.


          I don't know your process but perhaps you could shape the data this way rather than your current process to create the product string.  If not, then perhaps there is something that can be done in Tableau to reshape the data.  Pivot?  I'd be happy to look at some test data and see if I can recommend something more specific.