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    'College Compare' updated.

    Rina Bongsu-Petersen

      Just updated the College Compare tool with most recent IPEDS data. (AY 15-16)





      A quick summary about 'College Compare':

      • This tool displays schools based on two IPEDS variables on the same time and ranks the schools based on the selected variables. This allows users to rank schools by tuition (as an example) and on the same screen, users will be able to see how the schools rank by graduation rate or tnet price (for example).
      • The dashboard also has a scatter plot which is a good way to show relationship between the two variables. Does high tuition mean high net price (example).
      • The 'Different Color' feature allows users to distinguish their selected school from the crowd by typing the name of the school that they're interested in.
      • Users also have ability to customize the view by region, state, size and type of institution.

        Not all variables collected by IPEDS are presented here. I selected a few variables that are used frequently, most of them are related to instructions. Some finance variables are available too, but mainly for private institutions.


      Feel free to share to others. If you have any thoughts and suggestions, pls don't hesitate to share with me.


      Hope this is useful. Thank you.



      Rina Petersen

      Director of Strategic Analytics

      DePaul University