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    comparing performance of 2 weeks

    Prasenjit Datta

      Hello Tableau Community,


      I have attached the workbook. In sheet 8, I have supplier name and their backorder value by week. some supplier were in week 27 but not in week 28, and vice versa, so there are empty cell. I did an calculation represented by 'Calculation 2' to replace empty cell with 0.


      I want to calculate the difference between backorder value between week 28 and week 27. Please help me with that,

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          Matt Lutton

          Hi Prasenjit,


          First, thank you for providing a packaged workbook.


          Would it be possible for you to provide a mockup/rendering of your expected results for the view?  It makes helping much simpler, as we know what you are expecting once the solution is applied.  Any more details you can provide about what you are hoping to accomplish would be helpful!