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    Finding average of certain categories in table

    Alyssa Rollins
      NamePositionYear24/7 Composite
      Simmie CobbsWR40.8421
      Luke TimianWR30.8261
      Nick WestbrookWR30.8346
      Donavan HaleWR30.8228
      Coy CronkOL20.8811
      Wes MartinOL40.8225
      Hunter LittlejohnOL30.8512
      Simon StepaniakOL30.8441
      Brandon KnightOL30.8599
      Ian ThomasTE20.8138
      Danny FriendTE50.8425
      Richard LagowQB50.8525
      Mike MajetteHB30.8517
      Greg GoochDE40.8421
      Nate HoffDT50.8251
      Jacob RobinsonDT30.8432
      Robert McCray IIIDE40.733
      Chris CovingtonLB40.733
      Tegray ScalesLB40.8766
      Marcelino BallLB20.8213
      Rashard FantDB50.8861
      Jonathan CrawfordDB30.8482
      Tony FieldsDB40.8267
      Andre Brown Jr.DB30.8281


      I have the above spreadsheet uploaded into tableau. In a bar graph, I would like to group together each position and display the average of those positions. For example, the average of the two TE's is .8282. There then would be a bar graph where TE on the x-axis would go up to .8282 on the y-axis and etc. for all positions. Any insight on how to do this?