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    How new product introduction affects other ones sales

    Marco Riezzo

      Hi all,

      my principal asked me to create a dashboard in tableau that could define the success of a new product.

      For example:

      - how new product's sales affects the other ones sales

      - how many customers buy this product replacing the old one

      - how many people come back to the old one after the test of new one


      I am a basic user of tableau and these questions appear very hard to accomplish in tableau.

      So i ask you if there is a pre-built twb file to start from or if you could give me some advices to answer these questions


      Thanks in advance

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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Marco    

          These are all very interesting questions and are not the easiest to answer regardless of the system you are using - Tableau, SAP, Oracle ...  -



          The issue is relating your new SKU to those that are affected - and that ties back to the structure of your data -

          If the Item Master data from your data source includes a hierarchy that links the SKU - Product Group - Product Line - then you are off to a good start -

          With that structure the Items items affected should be in the same Product Group -  -

          If your structure does not provide the detail or the data accuracy is less than what you need - you may need to create your own structure

          You can do that on an excel spread sheet starting with the item hierarchy from your data source and adding in columns to get to the detail you need (I have referred to that as an Item Classification table when I've used it with clients)


          Think of a structure like

          Item Number     Item Group     Product Line     Replaces Item Number       Former Item Group     Obso date     (note the bold dimensions are things you may or may not need - only suggestions)


          Once you create the excel sheet you can bring in into Tableau and join it to your other data on the SKU Number


          With that relationship in place you can use it in addressing the specific questions that your client may have


          If you have questions let me know




          Let  me know if this helps