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    I have a problem with custom mapping an I'm hoping for help

    Roy Mars

      Hello Tallahassee group. I am a fairly new member and haven't been to any meetings yet. I was hoping I could get a little help here. I am trying to build some custom maps and have run into a bug in Tableau. So, I'm hoping someone here has been there before me and might have a workaround.


      I have a custom map of Florida in which I have created 24 custom workforce regions as designated by the state. It is set up as a heat map to display different shades of green based on the value of the GROWTH_PC field for each region. My problem is that, as a heat map using all shades of one color, if there are two or more adjacent regions that are filled with the same shade of green there is no way to tell where one region ends and another starts. So, here is what I need help with:


      1. I need to display a bold black border for each region that is always visible so my users can tell which region is which at a glance without having to mouse over it.


      2. I need to find out a way to turn OFF the bold black border around each individual county that appears when the user mouses over that county. In this application counties are not relevant and would be confusing with the regional borders visible. There is a list of the counties encompassed by each region contained in the tool tip for each region.


      I have also posted this problem on the main Tableau forums. A young lady in Texas tried to help me out yesterday and we hit a wall because of the version of Tableau I'm using. I am on Tableau version: 9.0.16 64 bit. She was on Tableau 10.1 and found a simple fix. However, when I tried her fix, half of the state literally disappeared off the map. So, I asked her what version she was on and told her what I was on and we found the version difference. So, she had another machine with version 9.0 on it and tried it on that machine an got the same result I did. She looked in the release notes for version 10 and found that my problem was something they had resolved in version 10. Unfortunately, I can't use a higher version because the state agency I work for has a version 9.0 Tableau Server and higher versions aren't compatible. So, I'm stuck in version 9.0. I'm hoping that I'm not the only one in this boat and that somebody in version 9.0 has found a workaround for this. I am attaching a packaged workbook with the viz.


      Thanks in advance,