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    Dynamic Default Quick Filter

    Kevin Gube

      Hi, I have this senario below.


      I have a workbook where I implemented user filter/security. It works fine. Let's say we have 2 users. For person1 I have given access to all the region and for person2 I have given access to only 1 region. In the dashboard there is a filter called Region. When person1 login to the dasboard all the region are selected in the filter and are visible to person1. Now when person2 login he will see the region specific to which he has access and it is selected.


      Now what I want is, if person1 login it should be defaulted to only one region and selected, reset of the region should be unselected. But when person2 login since he has access to only one region that region should be selected in the filter as default. It is possible to be done with Tableau?