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    Trouble filters in viz

    Kirill Frolov



      I have visualization where columns - this is the fact of last year, the fact of the current year, the line is the budget. The fact of last year and current year is taken from one table (access), a budget from another table (access). The names of the columns in the tables (access) are identical. Problem in filtering. When I try to apply a filter by months, the filter works only for the fact, the budget line remains in place. I put a gif for an example.

      Tell me please, what could be the problem? Edit relatioships is configured by default.


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          Derek Wong

          It'd be easier to diagnose if I could see the workbook, but the problem you are describing seems to be due to the multiple data sources. Can you "edit relationships" and make sure that the two linking "date" fields are blended? (i.e. Date1 = Date2)


          My best guess is that Tableau's default relationships weren't able to link the dates automatically.