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    how to configure tableau server to recognize all of the alias host names used to connect to the server


      Tableau Server is not configured to recognize all of the alias host names used to connect to the server. how to check this and how to set alias properly. FYI, we recently migrate Tableau Server from 1and1 server to Microsoft Azure Server since then we are facing this issue.


      Issue Description :-

      While we downloading  the workbook from tableau server (9.2.3). While we trying to open the workbook it default displaying the server as localhost. We are clicking cancel and giving tableau server manually and giving credentials. Please give any suggestions why it is displaying localhost/8000 instead of tableau server IP address/ URL.


      This issue is with all newly created workbook as well as already existing workbook.


      we followed below threads too

      1. Connections issues for workbook downloaded from server.

      gateway.public.host property is also set to machine name (hostname and domain is same for machine).


      2. Tableau Server Redirects Downloads to Localhost When Workbook or Data Source Name contains "login" | Tableau Software

      1.1 we can not upgrade tableau server.




      gateway.trusted & gateway.trusted_hosts, both are empty.

      gateway.public.host: hostname

      (hostname and Domain are same)