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    Why there is a performance difference between embedded code and embedded link in share options?

    Tharindu Piyasiri



      We were doing this test the other day and found out that there is a drastic performance difference between embedding dashboards using the embedded code and using the embedded link (Both provided by Tableau share button of a view). The test comprised of a simple HTML page with dashboard embedded using embedded link (into an iframe) and on the next test, we used the same dashboard loaded using the embedded code. The web page is then integrated into an ios app and loaded on a single iPad. The results show that embedded code approach loads the dashboard at least by 3 seconds earlier than using embedded link. This is done while there were no other changes to the app or the dashboard.


      What I want to know is,


      1) Is there a way to get the visualization object created by the embedded code so I can do things like put event listeners etc.?(instead of creating it through Tableau Javascript API : https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/api/js_api/en-us/help.htm )


      2) Enable The loading spinner which seems to be missing on the embedded code?


      3) Any reason for the performance difference between the 2 approaches?