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    Headcount Comparison Across Different Time frames

    Arun Chandramouli

      Hi All,


      I am working on building a Tableau dashboard for representing the Headcount across different time frames..Please find below the explanation


                                                     Tableau Head counting across different periods

      The Input file is a table which has the employees present in a particular month (The table has the data for October, November and December 2015).. for different divisions LD1, LD2,LD3,LD4,LD5,LD6..Also it tells whether they are employees or contingent workers..



      The output expected file is the tableau output I am expecting… So one has to give the input of month and year to lookup the data for… For example: I am giving the input as November 2015 ..So Tableau should go and lookup the data for Nov 2015(current period) from the input table (look up all divisions and   also look at employees and contingent workers and then look up the data for October 2015 since it is the previous period or previous month and then do the comparison (Current month -previous month)…


      Also at the end it should add up the (number of employees + number of contingent workers ) for current month and the ( number of employees + number of contingent workers) for previous month and also calculate the net difference ( current month – previous month)..



      I have worked on a Tableau workbook for this and I seek your help on this...