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    TableauEmbeddedView Webpart for Sharepoint Online (Office 365)

    Stephanie Gleason

      This is in reference to Tableau Version 10.0(On Premise) and SharePoint Online (Office 365 Installation).

      I am trying to determine the best way to embed some tableau views into our SharePoint Online sites but it seems that Tableau has removed the instructions from their server on how to do this with Active Directory Authentication. They indicate that the instructions are located on the Tableau Server in the following location: C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\\extras\embedding\sharepoint

      The three ways I know that I can accomplish this is:

      1. Add a content editor web part and use the Javascript embedded code to render
      2. Add a page viewer web part and use the link to the dashboard to render
      3. Install the tableauembeddedview web part into the SharePoint environment

      I don't currently have access to our Tableau server so I was not sure if anyone knew what these server instructions included but figured I would ask?

      I am also not certain if the TableauEmbeddedView Webpart is even compatible with the SharePoint Online Office 365 version? I also do not know what the pros and cons of using the web part versus the other two options in the SharePoint Online environment would be.