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    Others cannot open my tableau work

    yinqiu Zhu

      Hi everyone,


      It seems that my manager who tries to open my tableau work always has a connection issue. Also, I can open my tableau work using my computer but I cannot open it by using another laptop even though I used my ID and password.  My manager however can open any tableau work created by my colleagues.


      I believe there should be something related to my tableau setting that I need to change to solve this problem but I do not know where it is.


      Can anyone help me?


      Thank you

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          Mihai Constantinescu

          What version of Tableau desktop are you using and what version are they. Did you/can you publish to the server (if you have  a Tableau Server)?

          What error does it actually give, or no error just doesn't load the workbook? What data connection are you using / are you using csv files or connecting to a db? How are you sharing with your manager, are you extracting your datasource and save as twbx?