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    Data blending: does it not work the way I assume it should?

    Dave Dixon

      OK, I can't attach my workbooks here because I'd have to redact a huge amount of the data, but this *should* be an easy one for the experts?  (har har)


      I've been working with Tableau for years, but always previously with a live connection to a data warehouse.


      Now, though, I've got some scenarios where, say, I have one TXT datasource and one XLS datasource, and I'm trying to blend or join the data.


      Using data blending and creating links between the sources has been successful on the surface, but it doesn't, I dunno, "work".    For instance, File A's "Carrier Code" is file B's "SCAC"; while File A's "Cost" is file B's "Paid Dollars".   So for instance, I want a total of $$ for each Carrier.   I link Carrier Code to SCAC and I link Cost to Paid Dollars.   What I *expected* was that I would then grab either of the code fields and either of the $$ fields, drag them onto the view, and have a single list with all values from both files, having the dollars added up between them.


      Quick example - starting with:




      Carrier CodeA100
      ACarrier CodeB200
      BPaid Dollars50,000,000


      Should yield in the view:



      Instead, it shows.... well, I can't really tell WHAT it's doing, if anything at all.


      So, 1. does blending NOT do what I expected it to?   and 2. What other options do I have?  I don't see an option to use joins like I would with actual tables from a DB...