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    URL filter / regular filter conflicts - odd behavior with data blending

    Chuck Czarnik

      Hi, first post- we're 10.2.2 Server and Client. 


      We use parameterized url's to pass filters to dashboards being launched on server.  Running into some odd behavior.  I'll try to explain, since this isn't something I can demo with a twbx,,,


      Example:  Imagine a filter for regions:

      • North
      • South
      • East
      • West


      User invokes page via: http://[some stuff]?Region=west (embedded filter call)...  After landing on the page, user then manipulates the filter from "West" to "East" and the dashboard updates accordingly.  We've been doing this successfully for a while.  What is interesting however is that even though the URL contains the original filter criteria, whatever is selected in the UI always overrides, and the correct region was displayed.  Until recently...


      We added a second data source and blended, setting the Region filter to "Use All Related Data Sources."  Everything works great when you run the workbook from a generic url call.  Works great on desktop. 


      When call the report with a url filter, and THEN change the filter in the UI, things get interesting...  The primary data responds as above, but secondary data sources return null results.  What we think is happening is the secondary data sources are unioning the url filter with the UI filter, and returning null results (e.g. "West" AND "East" = NULL).


      We haven't figured out how to crack this one.  Have we encountered a bug or a "feature?"  Doesn't make sense why url and report filter conflicts would be handled differently in primary vs secondary data sources? 


      Thx for any thoughts-