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    Showing total orders and deliveries by month in a single table/chart

    Hari Prasadh

      I have data at individual transaction level; using it to calculate couple of different statistics (Percentile cut-offs, Coefficient of variation etc) so granular data  is key (~10 million records)


      For simplicity sake let's consider sales/fulfillment data in one table: then we have for each individual order, its order date and the fulfillment (delivery) date.


      I can create 2 different graphs: One focusing on Volume of orders received by month and another Volume of orders fulfilled in that month


      Is it possible to put these 2 in one single graph/table? I cannot stack the Order/Fulfillment date data outside of tableau for couple of reasons (duplication, consistency in filter logic with rest reports)


      May be the tool is not designed for such questions ("Replicate a report or chart designed in another tool") but would like to confirm given that the article is ~4 yrs old

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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde



          Seeing the data here would help a lot and/or letting us know what you have tried.  I suspect the view desired could be achieved with a join between your orders received and fulfillment tables on order id. 


          Is every order in the view fulfilled in the same month?  I suspect not so how/what should Tableau do with the orders fulfilled in a following month (or not yet)?  They are two different views that I imagine - quantity of orders in a month and quantity of fulffiled/shipped in a month and these are two separate views in a dashboard. 


          Do you have a workbook that contains data that can be shared?  Also - what version of Tableau are you working with? 


          Check out our Workbook & Calculation Library as well to see if there is any example in there that may help.