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    Dashboard creation consultation

    Cody McKinney

      I am the CFO of a community health center in Concord, NC, and a member of this user group.  We are looking to incorporate Tableau in our reporting resources and link it to our electronic health record (Athena) and accounting software (Quickbooks).  I have a basic knowledge of creating dashboards, but linking to other software's APIs is new to me.  I also understand that Quickbooks is not user friendly to create connections.


      All this being said, are there any members who are healthcare consultants who would be interested in a consult to help us develop our dashboards? We have a very limited budget for this. I have spoken with Jonathan Drummey, and his firm is unable to take the project on at this time. 


      If you have any interest, reach out to me here or via email at clmckinney@crchc.org.  Thanks.


      Cody McKinney


      Cabarrus Rowan Community Health Centers, Inc.