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    Color Auto Formatting Issues

    Peter Graham



      I am new to Tableau and have a question regarding colors changing automatically when filters options are selected.

      Unfortunately I am not able to post a workbook due to information security however I'm hoping someone can still help. I have three separate bar graphs that change when different filter options are selected. Each graph only has two columns, a positive and a negative. Each filter is connected to the same data set so I have already selected the filters to format to all sheets with identical data. However, some combinations of inputs make the bar graphs change from two columns to one. When this happens the color becomes random and is not associated with the positive and negative.


      How do I go about making sure that when the bar graph goes from two columns to one, the color is matched with its proper outcome (positive or negative)?





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          AB Commendatore

          Color is tied to the values that exist within the view. When values are filtered out then the color tied to those values can change.


          If you are using a quantitative measure on color, then you can lock the color into a certain range, which should preserve the right colors for positive vs. negative. Here are some quick instructions and a link to the product guide on color:


          1. Click on Color > Edit Color on the Marks card.

          2. Click Advanced >>

          3. Set Start to the minimum value that is expected or could occur

          4. Set End to the maximum value that is expected or could occur

          5. Click OK


          Color Properties | Tableau Desktop Help Guide