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    Data Source Refresh Help

    Jason Robbins


      We have a Data Source consisting of 2 connections and created as an extract.  One connection is to an Oracle DB (server based) and the second connection is to an excel file (file based) with a join connecting the Oracle table and Excel data on a common key.  This data source is published in Tableau Server where it is used by several workbooks located on the Tableau Server. 


      Based on the following http://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/pro/desktop/en-us/extracting_push.html, I would like to add the data source to a daily refresh scheduled in Tableau Server.  Is it possible to do this when using 2 different connections (file and server connection)?  Ideally, I’d like to be able to have the excel file read from a defined directory where the refreshed file would be placed daily.  I’m trying to make this as simple as possibly without having to update the data source/extract within the Tableau Desktop and then having to republish it each day.


      Appreciate any help!

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          Sourabh Dasgupta

          Hello Jason! Yes you can do this. You need to keep the excel file on the pre-defined shared folder. Then on Tableau desktop, change the path of the excel data connection to this shared folder. The path has to be a proper UNC path. While publishing to server, do not select the "Include External Files". From Tableau Server when the extract refresh will be run, the tableau server will always point to this excel file on the shared folder (through the UNC path) and refresh the extract.