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    Complex Action Filter


      I have two dashboards in one workbook. The first one is the summary one and second one is the detail one. First one is nothing but the counts of rows (I used 'number of records' function which gives correct result). Second one has all the original rows. First one also has subtotal, Grand Total etc.


      Now, the requirement is, the user will click on any number of the first dashboard and corresponding rows should appear in the second dashboard. I did similar kind of thing in the past using action filter. But, in this dashboard, all the measures are calculated fields. So, if I define action filter, the data is not matching.


      It will be a GREAT help if anyone can solve this. Closer to the required solution will also be helpful as I should be able to explain to the management.


      I have created a very similar dashboard (95% Same) using 'Superstore' data. I would appreciate if anyone can shed some light on this:


      Tableau Public


      Any suggestions or any comments are welcome.


      Do I need to re-write the report in a different way ? If yes, HOW ?