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    Getting workbook Owner information for specific usage Statistic report

    michael shin

      Hello there. I believe I have an out of the box View Response Time dashboard based on the ProjectLevelWorkbook.  I am using the Monitor Requests and Users as the primary data source/connection.


      This connection, however, does not have workbook OWNER information. I really need this.  When I bring other data sources, such as Tableau Server - Workbooks, I try to blend on Workbook name.  Here is the issue.  The primary connection has Workbook name with below calculated logic:


      TRIM( SPLIT( [View Name], "/", 1 ) )


      As a result, names are fully concatenated with no spaces (e.g., PlannerWorkFile).  Issue is that workbook name is not in this format in other data sources.


      Any ideas on how I can bring in workbook owner information?


      I am not quite familiar with the data connections for Tableau Server.