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    Grouping in Tableau

    Josiah Lewis

      Hey community, new to Tableau so please forgive my ignorance here.. I have a data table that is returning something like the below:


      Case ID       Movement ID      Movement Indicator        Case Indicator

      123               1                         Hit                                   Miss

      123               2                         Hit                                   Miss

      123               3                         Miss                                Miss

      124               4                         Hit                                   Miss

      124               5                         Miss                                Miss

      125               6                         Hit                                   Hit

      125               7                         Hit                                   Hit


      Long and short, if any movement associated with each case is a miss then the entire case is considered a miss. I would like to display this in Tableau to show a hit ratio at both the movement level and the case level. So, in the above example, it would be Movement: 5/7 and the Case: 1/3. I know how to achieve the first, but I do not know how to group by the case ID, any insight would be helpful!