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    Multiple excel files and one map layer share common ID, what is the best way to link them to filter and sort in dashboard

    Dante Perez-Bravo


      I have imported a polyline shapefile into Tableau, which contains a corridor ID that can be used to link multiple excel files. I loaded two of the excel sheets in separate sheets and created some bar charts. the excel sheets also contain the corridor ID.  I loaded the excel sheets using the function Ctrl+D (New Data Source). Then I put the map and the two sheets into a single dashboard and set them all as "Use as a filter". The filters work fine when I select a subset of the corridors in the bar charts from one of the excel sheets. Everything gets updated, the map and the other layout container containing data, meaning that the data from the second excel sheet only show the number of records selected in the container from the first excel sheet. However, when I use the sort function, only then data where I am applying the sorting gets updated. The other one doesn't change. I need both of them to get updated.

      I need to add more excel sheets into the mix, all of them share the corridor ID, but number of records might be different. I was wondering what is the best way to link all datasets with the map, and among them.

      any insights will be appreciated.

      I am attaching the file as a reference,