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    Color background for tickets too old

    Antoine Chirac

      Hi everyone !


      I'm working on a worksheet that deals with data from a ticket system called OTRS. Here it is :




      What it does is displaying tickets by age and priority, for the current month. For each priority, there is a limit date, after which tickets are considered too old and need to be fixed as soon as possible. In this example, it displays tickets by age for the priority "P3 - Medium". If a ticket with a P3 priority is over 3 days old, it is necessary to fix it ASAP. On my graph, it is shown by the fact that the tickets are in red. What I would prefer is the background to be red instead of the bars, like the bars you can see of the left which have a color for each queue. The ticket age is a calculated field that calculates the number of days between today and the date the ticket has been created, and the color is just " if ticket is x days old then color the bar in red ".


      Thank you very much in advance !