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    Show a list of applied filters on hover

    Ross Helenius

      I have a dashboard in which we use the javascript API to select and pass filters into the workbook, for accessibility compliance, from an HTML page. This filter page hides when not in use. This led to the request to leave an indicator on the dashbaord to see which filters are applied.


      The best option looked to be to embed a hover action on an shape/image, but it doesn't look like you can access filter status or an edited caption to display in a tooltip. The default caption can get unruly and hard to read in a more complicated dashboard.


      The other would be to use a title, but this would be always present, and the filter list could get lengthy depending on the dashboard.


      Has anyone else found a way to display a succinct summary of filters?


      A quick prototype is attached for the concepts above.


      Thanks in advance for any insight.