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    abortForAuth() throws an error

    Victor Vitvitskiy

      I am working on the WDC with custom authentication.  My connector brings multiple table with standard connector to specify Join.  Everything works very well.  I love how the connector interface works!  I do however have one issue.  In the Init method of the Data Gathering Phase I check the the validity of the password (sessionToken) if I detect that it is invalid I call abortForAuth().  This works perfectly in simulator.  In Tableau desktop abortForAuth throws an error on the first attempt.  Subsequent attempts work as expected without errors. 


      I ran out of ideas on how to debug I or how to detect what that error might be.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


      My work flow:

      - Load Tableau -> WDC -> Navigate To My Connector -> Authenticate -> Load Data

      - Make Password(sessionToken) invalid. This occurs outside of Tableau.

      - Go back to Tableau -> Refresh All Extracts My error occurs at this point

      - Refresh All Extracts again works fine