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    Not able to find number of occurrences across different measures.

    Sushant Jadhav

      Hello All,


      I am trying to create a chart which has different measures like - QA Shelving Score, QA wall Scribe Score etc. which adds up to QA Overall Score. Now what i am trying to do is trying to get the number of times the score in any of the columns is not zero (Total Number of Records - No of times the score is zero.


      I am trying to create a chart which shows the month on X Axis and within that month i want to show different types of scores and their counts (the ones which are not zero) on the Y axis.


      I can do it for one measure (See screenshot for QA Exceptions Score). How do i do it for multiple measures? When i pull in all the measures in the chart they will tell me the counts of the records which do not have zero as there score. Also, i do not want an aggregate amount, i want the data score wise.


      I have attached the Tableau Workbook with this and the sample data source in excel.



      Sushant Jadhav