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    Upcoming data / Tableau events


      Greetings Eastern Iowa folks! Just wanted to bring you some news on some events if you are interested. If you have questions let me know (harmerj at nationwide dot com).


      DAMA Iowa is very lucky to have Bob the BA speak on 7/18 from 9-11am (networking starts at 8:30am) downtown Des Moines at Nationwide. If you are interested in data modeling in agile, this is a can't-miss event! More info here:

      Whose Modeling Data in Agile Anyway?


      Tableau level of detail expressions webinar! It is very early in the morning on 7/12 (6am CDT!!!), but if you are not an early bird like me, Tableau always allows you to access the webinars at a later date/time.

      Level of Detail Expressions | Tableau Software