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    Difficulty in calculating Median

    Pallavi Deshmukh

      Hi All,

      I am currently facing difficulty calculating median of set of values.


      I am doing employee exit analysis and trying to find out which category has received maximum/minimum median score, and show it in area chart. My data set contains Categories in rows and final score in a column. When I calculate median score and put categories in column, the median is wrong. It calculates median for complete column of score instead of calculating it category wise. But if I calculate score separately (in excel) by category and then paste this data into tableau, then each category-score is considered as a different measure and median values come correct. But I can’t use them in area chart in that case.


      I tried using particular category as context filter, used ‘window_median’ also, created a field like ‘if category=’Company’ then score’ to calculate median. But nothing is working.

      My data structure is going to be as defined in ‘Core2’ of the excel. From there I am calculating the ‘master’ sheet. Workbook contains ‘wrong medians’ and ‘Desired medians’ sheets (in which the data is copy pasted from ‘Master’ of excel.)


      Is there any way to achieve the right median without having to use separate measures for each category?



      Pallavi Deshmukh