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    Forecasted time vs Spent

    Clare Meredith

      Hello all,


      I have data for Q2 2017 which lists a no. of people in a team, how many hours they forecasted for projects and how many hours they actually spent. What I'm struggling to do, is to show both forecasted and spent time for each member of the team, and have the spent time labelled as a percentage of the forecasted.

      I've gotten as far as a bullet graph (preferred style): the bar is the forecasted effort and the reference line is the spent effort. Visually, I'd like it one of two ways:

      The reference line is labelled as the % of the forecasted effort (e.g Billy forecasts 100 hours and spends 50, therefore the reference line is labelled as 50%)

      Or I can show within the bar, a different colour indicating the spent effort, again with a % label.


      If I can only do one of these, that will also be fine.


      Here is an illustration.


      Any help is very much appreciated.