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    Grouping States to Region in a MAP

    Jared Get



      I have States grouped into regions and assume we have counts of business in each state aggregated by a region. So lets assume New England - 120 , Mountain - 220, Pacific - 90,... and each regions are colored.

      How can i show a region colored when a state don't have a business but belongs to a region. Example: Lets assume there is no ABC business in Colorado state so the count is zero but a whole (not-colored) Colorado state shown on mountain region.


      see attached workbook.




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          Jay Morehart

          Your workbook is connected to a live file, so I cannot see the data, you would need to take an extract first, but I think I understand your question and will hopefully be able to answer it with superstore data:


          Superstore has a text field "Region" (central, east, south, and west) the way the data is structured, every record has both state and region fields so we can set a geographic role for region, based off of state:


          now we have the regions calculated based on the states that make them up and can throw profit on color for a filled map, colored by region rather than state:

          hope this helps! if not please take an extract of your data and re-post the packaged workbook, and I will take a look