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    Stack Bar Chart Sorting - Descending order

    Muhammad Adeel Ahmed

      Hi Gurus,


      Can you please help me to sort the Stacked bar chart as per % values of dimension.


      I have 5 Bands and I want the bars to sort in such a manner that Band 5 is 1st priority, then Band 4 is 2nd priority, then band 3 and so on.


      Unfortunately I can't share the table due to confidential reasons but I have attached the snapshot showing what ouput i have.




      I want the chart to look like below chart (someone in this forum has shared this example but unfortunately i couldn't implement it in my table.).



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          Rafi Zelikowsky

          Hi there,


          Unfortunately you cannot apply a percent of total function on 'measure values' as it is a bucket for multiple fields.


          To achieve the chart that you're looking for, it would be best to pivot your data so that you have one column for the value and another column for the band type.


          Once you've done that, you can add a quick table calc on the 'Value' measure for percent of total, and compute that by band type.


          Hope that helps!