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    CSV export displays wrong numbers

    Ramkumar Chandrasekaran



      I have a worksheet with 60 columns in it. As all the 60 columns cannot be displayed in a dashboard, I have published the worksheet directly on the server, so that the users can simply download the report as a crosstab which will produce a CSV file.


      I have some numeric fields added to this worksheet. These fields are displaying wrong numbers only when exported as a CSV. But the numbers appear fine when you see them on Tableau worksheet. Eg. if the actual value is 7,49,000, it divides the value by 1000 and shows 749 in CSV. This happens only for values less than a million. This is an intermittent issue and not re-producible all the time.


      I would also like to add, the same fields are also added in other parts of the workbook and the numbers are coming right as expected. I dont have any clue why this happens intermittently only when exported as a cross tab. Could you please help me?