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    Hosts, PLEASE!?!

    Andy Piper

      One concern of many TUGs is finding a host for the meeting. If your TUG is similar to the Atlanta Tableau User Group, you have found that many companies enjoy sending their people to your meetings but their attendees seem to ignore all requests for needed hosts. Below are some thoughts on how you may be able to get more hosts to step forward. As with all suggestions, your mileage may vary.


      • Perhaps the person(s) in attendance for a company do not have the authority to volunteer their company to host a meeting. In such cases, try to find out who the main Tableau user(s) is/are within a company that sends a lot of people. See if you can pull that person(s) aside after or before a meeting to inquire about the possibility of them hosting. Ask if he/she would be willing to pass along the notion of hosting a meeting to those at his/her company that are able to make such decisions.


      • Perhaps the benefits of hosting a Tableau User Group meeting have not been conveyed. Here are some benefits you can tout:
        • Hosting allows more of your Tableau users to attend and learn from the meeting
        • Hosting helps with Tableau evangelization efforts within your organization
        • Hosting provides the opportunity to network and get to know the Tableau users and experts in the community
        • Hosting showcases your workplace to potential employees that know Tableau
        • Hosting offers the opportunity to introduce your company to others in the community; and if you are active in the community already, it allows you to keep your company name in the spotlight
        • Hosting sends a positive message about the company’s goodwill to your customers and/or future customers within the Tableau community


                (Depending on your TUG meeting processes)

        • In the event of a sell-out, Hosting grants you access to a specific number of passes to the meeting for employees or guests
        • Hosting affords the option to present how your company uses Tableau
        • Given enough time to plan, Hosting allows the opportunity to help shape and influence the meeting with respect to the topics that will be presented


      • Perhaps the person on the receiving end of your plea(s) does not know the responsibilities of hosting. While not an all-inclusive list, or one that will work for every TUG, here are some items that may apply to your TUG hosting requirements:
        • Reserving/Renting a space large enough to accommodate the meeting (each TUG should know their minimum and preferred meeting requirements, in terms of numbers)
        • Reserving/Renting the space for 30-60 minutes before the meeting (to allow for testing of equipment and getting presenters familiar with the room) and up to 15-30 minutes after the meeting (if necessary)
        • Communicating information about the space to the TUG leader (to pass along to attendees either on the registration page or at another time before the meeting)
          • Location (address) of the meeting
          • Parking availability at that location
            • Is it pay parking? If so, about how much?
            • Is there limited parking or plenty for all?
            • Are there public transit options for registrants to consider?
            • How to find the meeting space one at the facility
              • Perhaps consider providing escorts or signage to direct attendees to a hard-to-find meeting space
        • Providing the A/V (audio/visual) needed to conduct the meeting. Items such as:
          • Projector/Screen
          • Microphones
          • Speakers
        • Providing Wi-Fi/Internet access to presenters (if needed for that meeting)
          • Internet access for all members is greatly appreciated, but often not required
        • Providing refreshments (optional, but always appreciated)
          • Perhaps another company may be willing to sponsor snacks/drinks
        • Providing information on what is needed should an emergency arise during the meeting (optional, though appreciated)
          • Who to contact? Building security, front desk, 9-1-1?
          • Where are the emergency exits? AED?
          • Will someone be in attendance from the company that knows this information and can act accordingly should an emergency occur?
        • Welcoming the attendees (optional)
        • Communicate housekeeping information (if difficult to determine)
          • Location of bathrooms
          • Location of the networking/social gathering space (if separate from meeting space)


      • Perhaps the attendee knows their company/organization does not have the space to host a meeting. That may be true, but there is power in numbers. If multiple small companies are coming to the meeting, ask that they consider teaming up with other companies to rent space for the group to gather.


      This is obviously not an exhaustive list, but hopefully it may help out should you find yourself having difficulties finding a host. To make this discussion page more robust, please provide comments on what you do or have done that helps attract hosts from your user community.