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    Tooltip with different LODs

    Richard Cheslo

      Greetings -


      I set up a dual axis comparison chart where the lines represent the NIAT% for the month, and the bar equal the the NIAT% for the last day of available data. I accomplishe the second measure by creating a set from my Date dimension where the maximum or last day is in the set, and all else it out of the set. I am pleased the chart came out as I desired. Now I am struggling with the tooltips as illustrated below.


      The Last Day NIAT% measure is : IF ATTR([Relative Days] = TRUE) THEN [% NIAT] ELSE 0 END


      I also placed the Relative Days Set on the Details shelf for the Last Day NIAT% measure.


      The issue is no matter how I define the tooltip for the measure the Relative Days Set (In or Out) affects the tooltip display. The first image show the tooltip display for when pointing to the bar, and the seond image shows the tooltip display when pointing to the line. Lastly the third image shows the tooltip display when pointing to the bottom of the bar.


      Is there any workaround for this? I am sorry I cannot share the workbook because of confidential details, but I tried to illustrate my dilemma as best I could. Thanks!