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    Does backup primary need separate licensing ?

    Joydip Thakur



      We are planning to move to a 8-core license ( Tableau Server - 10.2.0 ) in Tableau Server.

      We'll have one Primary and Backup primary. Backup primary will be up when Primary is down. Each of the Server will have the below configuration.


      Core - 8, RAM - 64 GB.


      Can you please let us know if we'd need separate licensing for backup primary as well ?



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          Chris McClellan

          Check with your Tableau Account Rep or re-read the License Agreement.


          As I understand it (and I might be wrong), if the backup is a "proper HA" (meaning on and ready to take over within a second), then you need to purchase the license for that.  if the backup is "cold" (ie, not running but able to startup and replace the primary within a few minutes), then you don't need extra licensing.


          BUT, please check with your Rep or contact Tableau directly.