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    Call to Action Items from May Opioid Event

    Craig Wortman

      Description of the “Call to Action” from Talbert House to the Cincy TUG Cares Team!

      • Create a viz (or multiple) using the National and State and County estimates data in the following link:https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data-visualization/drug-poisoning-mortality/
      • Talbert House wants to educate our non-Hamilton County stakeholders how serious the opioid epidemic is in their communities.  Oftentimes, we hear rural areas tout their communities are safer than Hamilton County, or the rest of the state/nation, because they aren’t part of the opioid epidemic (the data shows a different story)!
      • Tips:

      o   Comparisons are great

      o   Animations are fabulous

      o   Audience = general or those with limited knowledge of the epidemic

      o   Feel free to bring in other open data sources

      o   Include the Tri-State area for sure

      • Ohio – Hamilton, Butler, Warren, Clinton, Clermont, Brown counties
      • NKY – Boone, Campbell, Kenton counties
      • Indiana – Franklin, Dearborn, Ohio counties
      • Publish on your Tableau Public account and send the link to Clair Green-Schwartz at Clair.Green-Schwartz@talberthouse.org. Also, feel free to email Clair with: any questions/comments you might have regarding your viz; the opioid epidemic; personal Naloxone kits; or if you would like to volunteer at Talbert House.



      Questions and Answers from the 5/24 Cincy TUG event

      1. 1.      Which states have the Good Samaritan Law statutes for Naloxone?

      Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana all have Good Samaritan laws, prohibiting civilians from being prosecuted for any adverse outcome when distributing Narcan/Naloxone (similar to the law protecting civilians performing CPR).


      1. 2.      Which local police departments carry Naloxone?

      Most paramedics, if not all, are carrying Narcan consistently.  Here is a list of all the jurisdictions where police officers are carrying Narcan.  Scroll down to find your state: http://www.nchrc.org/law-enforcement/us-law-enforcement-who-carry-naloxone/


      1. 3.      Which pharmacies carry Naloxone?

      Click the link for a list of all the local pharmacies that sell Narcan/Naloxone: http://cincyep.org/get-naloxone/. All Kroger, Walgreens, and CVS pharmacies in Ohio carry Naloxone.  For these pharmacies, a prescription is not needed.