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    tabadmin whitelist_webdataconnector

    abdelmajid elmounjid



      We are trying to whitelist a webdataconnector. Since we can't use the import option we have to run tabadmin whitelist_webdataconnector instead.

      I am little bit confused with this cmd: tabadmin whitelist_webdataconnector -d https://example.com/myconnector.html


      1- We have already saved the myconnector.html file in tableau server

      2-What should "example.com" be, our tableau server URL or something else?


      We did run the following:

      D:\Tableau Server\10.1\bin>tabadmin whitelist_webdataconnector -a https://Tableau server URL/webdataconnectors/xlsx_exporter.html

      ===== Checking number of parameters...

      ===== Loading Tableau server configurations...

      ===== Validating whether the url https://tableau server URL/webdataconnectors/xlsx_exporter.html is correct...

      ===== Adding web data connector url to whitelist, please note that URLs are case sensitive...

      ===== Url https://tableau server URL:443/webdataconnectors/xlsx_exporter.html already exists in whitelist, overriding it

      ===== Saving whitelist changes to server config file...

      ===== !! Please note that changes won't be effective before tableau server restart!!


      The issue is even after we restart the server, we still can't find the new webdata connector we just added in the webdataconnectors' list we have in the server.


      Please let me know if there is anything I am missing.