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    combine extract and live Data from same Datasource




      I am think about how to reduce the load time of my reports and just had the idea but don´t know if it is possible.


      Can I combine an extract and live Data?


      As an example I have a simple table whith Date, and maybe a status.


      As long as the status is not changed to "done" for example I want to get the live Data, but when the status changed to Done it can be written to the extract as live Data is not necessary anymore.


      Can this realised?

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          Wilson Po

          Hi Jens,

          Tableau won't be able to do something like this - extracts (for general purposes) can be thought of as snapshots to fulfill the data connection rather than as a portion of a data connection;  a data connection either works against a live connection or it leverages the extract version (as determined by the author, not the viewer). 


          You may create versions of the view/workbook that work against each connection type and direct your users to the correct versions;  I've seen this to be successful for deployments who define a version of the workbook to be the historical, but slower, version vs the workbook that is recent and optimized by extracts.